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Welcome to My Thin
Slice of the Universe.

Hello. Thank you for visiting my website. Feel free to browse around and view my artwork

First, a little background.

Except for some introductory classes at the Huntsville Art Museum, I am largely self-taught. I don’t have a singular style, although I tend to lean towards impressionism combined with bright, bold colors. I also tend to lean towards natural landscapes.

A number of my paintings have been sold — mostly smaller ones at local art fairs. Most of the others sit in my closet gathering dust. That’s just as it should be. I like looking at them from time to time.

The Digital Animals were created while messing around with a software program I’ve long forgotten. I like how they turned out. I also know I could never replicate them, even if I tried. 

I’ve also added original artwork by my grandfather in the Legacy section. He was inspiration to me when I was younger.

The flooding in an around New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was devastating. Lives lost. Homes destroyed. Families uprooted. I knew I had to paint something reflecting this event. I chose this street.

Nature reveals itself in the shadows and the light.

This is a small piece – 11×14 – and was something of an accident. I saw a photo of a ridge of evergreens, but decided to paint them over a failed abstract piece I had created earlier and the result was this combination. I like the mix of the fire-like sunset with the cool, snow-baked ground.

This painting is an impression of the edge of the Neuse River where it flows just below the dam in Raleigh, North Carolina. I camped out in the early morning hours one summer and took a number of photographs, then came back home and painted many of them. 

This is an unusual painting for me. I rarely paint in a single monotone, but felt it was appropriate given the amount of snow and ice in this view. This painting also has special meaning. It was sold to a dear friend of ours – Marge Krider – who kept it in her apartment and enjoyed it until the day she died. 

This painting started out as an abstract. I was trying to combine blue and green colors with different shapes. But as it progressed, the three fish emerged. Don’t ask me how. I was just lucky to be able to recognize them and keep them in. Now, it’s one of my favorite paintings.

The first painting was done by my grandfather in the late 1960s. The other one is my version. His is better.

This is Lily. She’s our guard dog. Not really. But she does bark a lot. And, despite that sweet face and happy demeanor, she really is a “killer dog” when it comes to lizards and any other critters that get in our yard. Maybe it’s the beagle in her. Or the pug. Who knows? All we know is that she’s smart as a whip.